Well organized and good practice
very nicely done thanks
Again, the printed slides were very small and hard to read.
Rather than a “slide parade,” I like how he used well selected slides and then compared and contrasted them, just as we have to do on the boards. He took what can be a very boring topic and made it at least tolerable and at most inteesting.
A little more on Plts but excellent talk otherwise
Would benefit from having more than one slide for each disorder
would like more description of slides
Excellent speaker. Found his review of how to looks at blood smears to be extremely helpful. I have watched his presentation more than once because it has been so helpful.
I wish we had more time for this topic as well.
would be nice to have a pointer for these lectures
Really enjoyed this lecture - well organized, appreciated how he reviewed the smears in a systematic way
Appropriately paced and excellent review
Show a few more slides with normal hematology slides
Good review, nice change of pace mid-day. Nice images.
Excellent review!
Great talk and pictures. Thank you for including key points of the morphology on the slides.
This was so good, I really needed it. I wish this lecture came before the other morphology lecture.
Very well explained; great pictures
Again, I thought that both lunch morphology lectures were great.
Could still be loner/more time allotted
pretty dry but it's path so did a nice job of reviewing
Very useful images and a great overview of the key points to evaluate bone marrow morphology.
Amazing lecture with great explanations! The case style presentation was appropriate and optimized learning.