very thorough and clear. Presentation did include some not likely testable information, and the pace could have been a little faster, but overall great
Good information needed for boards.
unable to keep my attention, I know that this is a hard topic but other topics were too and they managed to make it more interesting
Content was good. However, presenter merely read each slide, exclusively.
She literally read the slides to us.
this was an intense and long for an easier topic
wasn't clear if she had ever seen her own slides before. but overall good and comprehensive lecture
Would help to not read everything from slide; may be better if this was not the end of the day
very dry, not a particularly engaging lecturer
Very long presentation!
This presenter was very dry and kinda boring!
Clearly very knowledgeable but very hard to follow his lecture and I do not think her lecture is board oriented at all
very thorough but occasionally difficult to understand
Too much detail on some things and less detail than what was needed on what I felt was more important
I think this was really a great presentation- I do wish that it touched a bit more on the TACO / TRALI because I think that we will be tested on these entities
This could have been organized in a better way. Hard to know what was pertinent and what was not.
It was a difficult lecture to follow and seemed too basic for the boards
After taking the boards, I did not feel that this lecture covered the topic well enough to prepare for the board questions. There was a lot of time spend regarding how blood is collected and separated, etc, but no board questions pertaining to that material. Rather, the boards focused on clinical application of transfusion medicine (such as infection risk, role of leukoreduction and washing, etc)- more clinical scenarios would have been helpful, I believe.
Slow paced at certain points but overall very useful information.
Slides were clear. Preference would have been to have an upfront discussion of product collection in the lab, from Whole blood to Plasma products up front, understanding what gets removed when (and therefore which products are at risk or need to be treated a certain way-- ie RBC and Plt need ABO AND Rh compatibility, where Rh not important for subsequent products after freezing) before getting into the individual characteristics of each product. Also felt like too much time was spent explaining the setup for collections in the clinic, but won't know that until the exam!
Toooooo much information! Please cut down the length for next time. Lecture should be tailored toward board prep not learning all details about transfusion medicine.
Difficult/dry topic for end of day, however she presented it fairly well.
I personally find this topic very interesting, but this lecture was very dry and I feel it probably could have been condensed into less time with more emphasis on the highest yield topics. This was a hard lecture to have last in the day.
Outstanding lecture. I listened to the 2017 lecture as well and this had more info in it. However, I liked that the 2017 lecture had more images in the PowerPoint to explain some of the concepts involving antibodies
way too much information--I just want to know what is necessary for the test. it was also very dry.
Some of the slides conveyed the content repeatedly and some were not relevant from board perspective.
Very dry talk
Too long. Not very engaging as presenter just read directly from slides.
This lecture could have been a bit more clear
The lecture was a little long and hard to focus since it was at the end of the day. Maybe move it up - right after lunch?
Great job! Thank you!
A nice, understandable presentation, board-focused, just quite long. I usually miss questions about transfusion medicine, so I felt this lecture helped me clarify areas where I would get confused on a test.
I feel that a majority fo this lecture focused on too detailed about storage etc and transfusion doses when it really could have focused on more clinically relevant information regarding reactions and treatment etc.
While the information is important and was presented well, content is more straight forward than some of the other topics that need to be reviewed.
Too long, could have been condensed and more focused review
Comprehensive but easy to track presentation. Handouts were very informative and clear.
I think it could have been a bit more concise to make it through the material. It felt long and at the end of a long day, it was really hard to focus/pay attention
A little long
Too much information for the time period allotted, went way over time and was really hard to pay attention at the end of the day when it was going over
A lot of overlapping content. Very long lecture which could have been shorter.
lectures from years prior were more effective at explaining the concepts
The speaker largely read off the slides, and the content felt not well-geared towards a pediatric oncology-trained audience.
felt that it was too long of a lecture, though topics covered were appreciated. Maybe faster speaker and not just reading off the slides?
Essentially just read slides, would benefit from more clinical pearls
Lecture focused primarily how to administer transfusion products (dosing, etc.) but not seem to focus on what I would assume are more board-question relevant topics. Matching in the setting of minor antigens (e.g., Kell, etc.) Would be great to have covered this topic through more board relevant questions/scenarios.
I think it would help to summarise and point out the important points for the exam. It would have been appropriate as a transfusion lecture to incoming fellows.
This lecture needs to be shortened as it felt very long and the lecture was dragged out.
Too long and redundant