excellent talk - easy to follow. would love a cheat sheet to compare and contrast disease
Comprehensive. Another one in my field and I thought she did a great job.
loved her practical approach
although comprehensive lecture; there were no updates from year prior
Very organized and good review of a broad topic that will be tested.
Please consider adding in relevant pictures/diagrams in the future.
excellent as always thank you!!
No one knows more then DR. Rogers about bone marrow failure. Phenomenal lecturer....hope she'll come back out of retirement to give the talk again
very organized and simplified a difficult concept
Material covered well--probably with too much detail for teaching purposes and not as focused on what is necessary for test (as stated by presenter on several occasions throughout the lecture). This could be alleviated with color coating or other editorial tricks to differentiate test material from extra supportive info. With presentation--too much on slides and so not as useful of a tool to help differentiate between conditions for test taking purposes or studying. While an enthusiastic teacher, would have been helpful to focus on what is testable/different/unique between the conditions in head to head comparisons. Tables/charts could have helped with this, even if to summarize info after the thorough presentation, if all felt to be necessary.
This was a good talk and very informative, but a little difficult to remain engaged at end of day given need to review so many different diseases. This is more a nature of the topic than the presenter though. My preference is to have these sorts of talks toward start of day when all my neurons are firing at optimal speeds =)
I listen to the 2017 lecture as well online. Both were highlights of the course
Great speaker! She made her talk very interesting.
Great speaker! Presented the information very well - very helpful. Thank you.
She did a great job, well-organized, board-focused. I really appreciated her pointing out specific buzz words, common potential board questions, highlighting the high-yield info for boards. Thank you.
I feel this topic could have been presented in a more clear manner focusing on contrasting the different bone marrow failure syndromes to help in distinguishing them in clinical practice
excellent review
SBDS pseudogene is not evaluated in workup of SDS.
At times it was hard to separate personal practice bias from board material
great review, well outlined
This lecture was dense, but very well-organized - will provide useful future study material for reference.
One of my favorite lectures from the course. Dr. Rogers made me want to specialize in marrow failure states.
Great distillation of these overlapping disorders making note of key differences and pearls
Excellent lecture for a comprehensive topic.