excellent focused review. occasionally used fonts that were a little too small
A good review
Poorly organized. Part on retinoblastoma was very hard to follow. This is one topic that I feel like I will need to review heavily on my own.
Too much material for one lecture, might be better to split
Super helpful review of rare tumors, very pertinent information
concise and well presented as always
VERY RUSHED , please give this speaker more time or reduce the content so he doesn't have to jog his speech .
Lecture was a little lengthy. Maybe cut out some of the info.
useful algorithms and charts to help organize information
Please allocate more time to germ cell tumors
Terrific presentation on 3 separate entities
Although the content was thorough and adequately covered, the talk became monotonous. Some easy-to-review tables, bolding of relevant points and bigger font tables might be helpful.
Retinoblastoma was organized. Liver and especially germ cell sections would have been more effective if presented quick taxonomy of diseases, but then treated each disease independently in regards to biology/path, etc instead of trying to cover all diseases within each of the general categories that course lecture series is trying to follow for all. Alternatively, could have presented info in tables by disease if all diseases needed to be presented together within each general category. Problematic was also, staging for germ cell section where testicular and ovarian were pulled out from general germ cell staging, but not clearly laid out if different. In general tables over bullets would help in identifying differences between diseases being presented together
Too much information for one session but he presented it very well!
Good, high-yield, overview of the topic that was easy to remain engaged with. Slides easy to follow and return back to at a later date.
Excellent lecture!
Very comprehensive review
This was a lot of information in one lecture. While the time of day may have had something to do with it, I found it difficult to stay focused until the end of the session, despite Dr. Rodriguez-Galindo being an excellent speaker and presenter. Just a touch overwhelming.
Presentation had a lot of details regarding each disease. Based on the content specification these subjects represent small percent on the exam. It would be beneficial if this presentation focused on the exam and tailored some of the details out.
Great talk. I have no critiques.
Overall quite good, could've been slightly more board-focused (unless the European approach is going to be on boards too, in which case, tell me now!).
Great organization for a presentation of 3 very different disease categories
This was a tough talk. It got very bogged down in details that were difficult to process - especially the retinoblastoma parts that many people do not see much of.
Content and lecture style was very clear and easy to understand.
Dr. Rodriguez-Galindo did a great job presenting the information. There was just a lot of information for various disease to present in one lecture, and thus it was a bit difficult to determine what was most relevant for board prep.
Good content.
Explained concepts very well
I have not taken the test yet, but I feel the information was too detailed, as if the only thing I was going to be tested on was retinoblastoma. Focusing the material on general concepts would have likely been more beneficial.
This lecture contains good information and is well-organized. The speaker largely read off the slides, so I'm not sure that I gained more from listening than I would have from just reading the slides myself.
Too much time on Rb, need to move through rest of topics b/c end was rushed and did not effectively cover the final topics
This may be too much to cover in one lecture. There was rushing during parts so would recommend splitting it up in the future.
A little too long
Maybe too much time on retinoblastoma