appreciate the "studyable" slides - a couple of other sides had fonts difficult to read on the screen
Well organized. He did well to point out the importance of memorizing the markers. They kill you with this at exam time
happy with presentation
Excellent summaries of each disease
Excellent presentation!! Covered all important topics, details and test tips.
excellent and concise!
clear lecture and organized slides
really well organized large topic
Wonderful Lecture!
Truly excellent!
A lot of material in one lecture, perhaps could have been split up.
Minor suggestions: 1. While keeping to the new structure, it would still be helpful to define the disease and its subtypes at the very beginning of each section to help set understanding of the scope of the disease (whether or not all of it's to be covered) and place tidbits that come up during the talk in that framework (ex: Types and framework for osteo) Currently that info gets presented late within each section in the Dx section. 2. Slides busy--would benefit from using tables, columns, etc instead of writing out sentences for each bullet.
Good, high-yield, overview of the topic that was easy to remain engaged with. Slides easy to follow and return back to at a later date.
Great review of rhabdo
Great review!
Excellent talk. I have no critiques.
So organized, simplifies some complicated topics, stayed really board-focused. Great job! I deeply appreciate the final slide.
I really liked the organization of the lecture. It was such a broad topic but organized well so I was able to really follow and the important information didn't get lost
Another reognized expert. Great content and presentation. Keep bringing him back!
Classic robotic voice and very thorough
Comprehensive yet complete; excellently organized slides.
Great overall review
Good lecture. Well-organized. Easy to listen to.
The lecture was thorough and very comprehensive