I appreciate his one disease at a time approach. would have liked a little more discussion of chemo vs no chemo for MDS, occasionally font was a little small
Lots of info, well presented
good presentation, references poor
Excellent talk thank you!!
Excellent. Slipped his mind to mention the HLH criteria but is on the syllabus si no big deal.
Terrific Lecture. Thank you
I appreciate that these diseases might present as 'anything' and that Dr. McClain also wants to be thorough in presenting all possibilities, but for the purposes of a board review, need to identify what the KEY features are that help differentiate one disease from another and highlight testable info. Also need to be clear on definitions, specific findings (not just what tests to do) that will lead to specific pathways, whether that's for diagnosis, treatment, or whatnot. Just listing every symptom and test that might be done in a workup (and with no specific findings) is not helpful for thinking through testable material or boards questions. Did like that there was a little more pathophys/MOA added to this deck than in previous years he's taught it, as this helps make the random associations not as random...
LCH talk lacked a lot of details, and had incomplete information especially regarding Rosai dorfmann and juvenile xanthogranuloma. HLH diagnostic criteria was not mentioned or included as part of the slides. Familial HLH genes- UNC was missing on the slides. Lots of typos as well.
Somewhat dry overall, difficult to hear at times.
Good, high-yield, overview of the topic that was easy to remain engaged with. This felt like a lot of information to cram into 1 session though. Maybe next time could absorb a bit of extra time currently given to vascular anomalies or principles of treatment?
Being assigned "homework" for JMML was condescending and rude.
Very dry. Would help if speaker was more engaging.
Very good talk. Included most important points. Only critique is on one of the earliest slides IBMF is written "idiopathic" instead of "inherited" - I think "inherited" is most often used. Ignore me if I'm wrong. Otherwise, it was great! Thanks!
This was a great lecture, very board-focused, balanced, paced.
Speaker was too monotonous/dry, for such early sessions would prefer more dynamic lecturers. Also, would prefer “appendix” slides instead of “homework” for us to look up
Dr. McClain is a content expert without doubt. His presentation style is not the most engaging but fine. Great to have such an international expert on the faculty of the course.
Good talk overall. Needs to correct a few slide mistakes
presenter's style was quite dry, made it difficult to pay attention to lecture; but good material covered in slides
Overall a good presentation with a good breakdown of different disorders
Decent lecture. Provides good study materials.
Excellent review
Material was presented clearly.