Well done, well organized
very nice presentation
Presenter read from slides exclusively.
Well organized, very good talk
slides are very busy; made it difficult to follow along in real time. seemed to jump around a lot on the slides.
Really appreciate the pathology slides with the different types of lymphoma as that can get confusing. Also really appreciate the summary slide that was easy to put on a note card for studying purposes.
Greatly appreciate the summary slides at the end to help with studying!
I went to Paul's talk 2 years ago too. His talk was seriously the first time lymphomas made sense to me. Excellent again. Thank you!!
Always a great presentation. appreciate the summary table at the end
Excellent lecture and excellent job in the organization of the course
teaching and slides were well structured and geared towards the boards.
This session was well organized and very helpful
very well spoken. Great summary slides/cheat sheets
One of the best lectures. Thank you for summarizing and presenting in a clear concise way.
excellent! especially appreciated the synthesized tables at the end.
There is a lot of dry detail in this talk, which is not the speakers fault, but would have helped to have a more comprehensive outline of how the topic was going to be approached as during the initial talk I found myself lost in how we were moving from one topic to the next, but after with more careful review that became more clear.
Great tables!
Pathophys and comparison tables very helpful. Only suggestion for flow would be to review workup and staging for NHL before getting into treatment and complications, instead of at the very end to help focus which of the NHL might have specific findings that one would be looking for (eg: which might have BM involvement or CNS involvement) and to be able to assess the staging of the images shown as the lecturer presented them since those came earlier in the lecture.
excellent talk. Made a rather confusing topic especially IHC differentiation easy to recall.
Good information, very dense. Mostly read from slides however was an effective speaker overall.
Good, high-yield, overview of the topic that was easy to remain engaged with. Slides easy to follow and return back to at a later date.
One of the best courses of the series, could have used more time to cover material.
Great lecture.
While Dr. Harker-Murray is undoubtedly a subject-matter expert, this felt like a large "information dump" session, where the goal was to teach us everything about all lymphomas. What would have been more helpful would be a curated session pared down to "need to know" facts that is taught towards the test. I highly doubt that we will need to know the amount of pathology to the degree that was in his lectures, and quite frankly it was just an overwhelming amount of info. Please just teach to the test.
great lecture!
the fill in the blank table delineating between mature and immature and b vs t cell lymphoma was helpful
Very helpful lecture. Seemed high yield and boards focused.
Would add in a quick slide about PTLD, and Rosai-dorfman
Great presentation. Thank you for highlighting important differences/nuances between disease/staging/classification to help memory retention of the info. Didn't cover all the different types of Hodgkins (only classic and NLPDHL) but I wasn't sure if that was just because the other types are not likely to be tested or if they were incidentally overlooked - if the former, then works for me.
I thought his content, organization, and all the pictures, charts, and tables were really great. Only thing is his voice is pretty soothingly monotone, not boring, just relaxing, and I fell asleep listening to him. Part of me appreciates the nap, and I feel more relaxed in general now that I woke up, yet part of me thinks I needed to stay awake.
I loved the histology aspect and the comparison/contrasting. Very helpful in organization
great review
this topic was covered very quickly to get it all in and I felt that the important details for each type of lymphoma were breezed over - too fast.
Slides were excellent, will be very helpful when studying!
One of the best presentations of the conference that broke down Lymphoma in an incredibly effective and easy to follow format. Lots of clinical pearls. Very helpful slides in the handout that will be useful for studying.
Great presentation, sets a high standard for the others
Great talk. Outstanding.
this is a difficult topic to cover in just one hour so felt rushed, but Dr. Harker-Murray overall did a good job of covering a lot of material and having great slides that I can refer to later
Hard to follow, too packer. Maybe worth spitting the lecture into hodgkins and non-hodgkins lymphoma
appreciate the summary slides
This was a good lecture. The slide content was solid, and I appreciated the frequent images/visuals. The tables were also very helpful.
Best speaker of the weekend. Very effective summary and high yield points
Really liked mnemonics and summary tables
Very comprehensive lecture. the comparison slides were very useful and a great way to condense the material.
The comparison tables and the cram table are super helpful to see everything together and how each different lymphoma compares to each other. Thank you.
I honestly did not realize how complex lymphomas could be. Good overview.
Excellent and very well presented in a short time!