Excellent speaker - invite her back. The talk was great and provided a lot of information. It will be hard to know exactly how to use the information to study. the font in some of the figures was so small it was unreadable on the screen and in the printed syllabus.
I spoke to her after class and she was very approachable and helpful.
very nice lecture
Enjoyed this talk. Glad that this one was added!
Well organized, excellent speaker
Not sure how much this was represented on the test.
This is a super important topic, but for a topic that takes up such a small percentage of the boards, this should not be in a priority spot. Could be online or at the end.
tried to fit a bit too much into a short session
Excellent presentation of multiple very important topic areas. Very happy to see AYA and fertility!
A bit dry in delivery, but content was good.
The lecturer was great however not sure that this lecture needed a whole dedicated hour of the conference.
Very good lecture. Maybe it could be more board oriented
Very informative
Charts and emphasizes on important topics was very helpful.
Need to focus more on what is going to be tested rather than what we encounter with patients at the bedside
This lecture was largely conceptual- it was hard for me to find testable points from this lecture. I also wish this lecture was not at the beginning of the course but at the end.
it was a great presentation clearly given. now to see how it is tested
Dr. Effinger is an expert in pediatric cancer survivorship and provided a broad overview of survivorship. But late effects are one of the most testable aspects of this presentation, and yet she provided little information about specific late effects and survivorship concerns that will likely be seen on the test.
Excellent and to the point!
If possible, these topics really should be separated. Dr. Effinger was great with Survivorship but Palliative care should be taught by someone who focuses more in that area in my opinion.
Presenter was great. Lots of topics to cover. I'll be interested to see how high yield the questions are on boards, since I think this was a new session this year.
Good review in allotted time
Great presentation, learned a lot of new information. Unsure, how this can be tested.
This was a great talk - thank you! Only criticism is on the "Late Effects" slide you say at age 45 the estimated cumulative prevalence of a chronic health condition is 96% - would have been nice to know the comparison to the general population.
Extremely helpful from a clinical perspective as well as a review perspective
Would have preferred more time and detail on late effect, maybe less time on Palliative Care (or make Pal Care an in-line session?)
This should have been towards the end when everyone is more tired.
One of the best lectures of the course.
Good presentation on AYA and survivorship. The palliaitve care portion was not particularly helpful in terms of content.
Good speaker. Aya topic seems a bit abstract. Unclear what could be tested.
great overview
The survivorship portion of the talk was well done.
Great content overall but would be great tailor discussion bit more directly to review board content-specification items. Maybe including board question-relevant scenarios would be helpful.
Great new lecture topic added to this session.
Excellent points for practice in heme/onc.